Agency offering

For Agencies

Experience the Power of Pertento for Agencies: Effortlessly Conduct Large-Scale A/B and Multivariate Experiments.

Agency offering

Tools to accelerate your CRO-projects

Our platform empowers agencies to harness the full potential of A/B testing and optimization, helping you deliver exceptional results for your clients efficiently and effectively.

Marketing Strategy

Cutting edge A/B-testing platform

We're dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology to empower your business with data-driven decision-making

Business Consultation

Efficient team collaboration

Our platform is designed to streamline teamwork, making it easy for both large and small teams to work together

Online Security

High security

We take data security seriously and offer advanced protections like two-factor authentication (2FA) to ensure your sensitive information stays secure

Focus on your customers. we provide the technology

Pertento allows agencies to prioritize customer needs and experience while we take care of the technological complexities. Elevate your client relationships by focusing on what truly matters.

Manage Data

Smart Multi-Account Management

Simplify Account and Website Management with Intelligent Property-switching Tools

Easy Integration

Automatic Account Creation from GA4

We've Streamlined the Process: Easily Import All Your GA4 Properties in Bulk and Automatically Create Pertento Accounts for Each Customer

User Analytics

Connect and manage multiple GA4 connections

With our seamless API Integration, your team can effortlessly establish and manage connections across multiple Google Analytics Accounts.

Creative Design


We are more than eager to hear about what we could do to improve Pertento for your company and it's teams

Smart Coding

Data ownership

All data generated by an agency and it's sub-organizations is owned by the agency

Online Support

Support & traing

Pertento provides your team with support and training in our platform

Secure Data

2FA security

Agency accounts can be protected with 2FA for high security

Flexible Usability


Agencies and it's sub-organizations are billed monthly

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