Terms and conditions

Effective Date: 2023.09.29

1. Terms and Conditions

2. Definitions
2.1. Product: Refers to the Software Pertento AI, a web-based application for conversion optimization, message customization, and analysis of marketing channels.
2.2. Owner: Pertento AI (Converdiant Technology AB)  located at Riddargatan 18, Stockholm Sweden, with contact email at
2.3. Agreement: This License Agreement between You and the Owner.
2.4. Package: License versions with varying terms and services as described in this Agreement.

3. Agreement Acceptance
3.1. By accessing, installing, purchasing, or using the Product, you acknowledge full understanding and acceptance of this Agreement.3.2. This Agreement is a legal agreement between You (individual or entity) and the Owner for using the Product, protected by international copyright laws and treaties.

4. Limitations
4.1. The Owner reserves the right to close accounts related to adult, gambling, politics, or services/products conflicting with moral values.

5. License
5.1. The Product is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws, licensed, not sold.
5.2. You may use the Product only as permitted by this Agreement.
5.3. License starts upon account creation and acceptance of this Agreement.
5.4. The license term depends on the selected Package and grants personal, non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable rights for personal use.

6. Term of License
6.1. Consumers have a 30-day right to cancel.
6.2. License duration varies based on the selected Package.
6.3. The Product deactivates after the license period, resulting in loss of access to stored information.

7. Product Takeover
7.1. Acceptance of this Agreement creates an account for you.
7.2. Prior installation of a script in your website's source code is required.
7.3. The Owner stores the executed Agreement and makes it available upon request.

8. Services
8.1. The Owner is not liable for scenarios, conversions, or parameters created by You.
8.2. The Owner may censor content violating moral and legal rules.
8.3. Modifications, terminations, or access limitations to the Product can occur at the Owner's discretion.
8.4 This application and it's services is provided "As is"

9. Fees
9.1. This License is granted against payment, subject to the Price List.
9.2. The Owner may change prices, fees, or add new services.
9.3. No refunds for periods of Product use.

10. Product Upgrades
10.1. Upgrades are free and mandatory as per selected Package.

11. Intellectual Property Rights
11.1. Ownership and License
11.1.1. All right, title, and interest in and to the Product, including all copyright in and to the Product (including, without limitation, any code, images, photos, logos, animations, video, audio content, music, text, and algorithms included in the Product), the accompanying printed material, and any copies of the Product, are and shall remain the exclusive property of the Owner.
11.1.2. The Owner grants you a personal, non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable license to use the Product for the duration of the license term, as specified in Section 6, solely for your personal, non-commercial use.
11.2. Restrictions
11.2.1. You are expressly prohibited from sublicensing, assigning, transferring, or otherwise granting any rights or licenses in or to the Product to any third party unless subscribed with an Agency-level account and payment model.
11.2.2. Reverse engineering, reverse compiling, disassembling, making derivative works, modifying, translating, or attempting to discover the source code of the Product is strictly prohibited.
11.2.3. You shall not, under any circumstances, remove, alter, or obscure any proprietary notices, labels, or marks on the Product or any associated materials.
11.2.4. You shall not use the Product in any manner that violates applicable laws or regulations.
11.3. Logo Usage
11.3.1. By entering into this Agreement, you grant the Owner permission to display the Owner's logo on your website, free of charge, for the duration of the license term.This section now provides a more comprehensive and legally precise description of the restrictions on sublicensing, reverse engineering, and modifications, making it clear what actions are prohibited in relation to the Product. It is important to adhere to these restrictions to ensure compliance with the Agreement and applicable laws.

12. Technical Assistance
12.1. Technical assistance may be offered based on the selected Package.

13. Limitation of Warranty
13.1. The Owner does not warrant defect-free operation.
13.2. No warranty for uninterrupted operation or suitability for specific requirements.
13.3. Other warranties and terms are excluded as permitted by law.

14. Damage Liability Waiver
14.1. Users assume risk related to Product quality and performance.
14.2. Owner is not liable for damages caused by Product use or the Application.

15. Consent for Electronic Communication
15.1. Owner communicates through email; electronic communication is accepted.

16. Data Collection Technologies
16.1. User data is collected and used for Product purposes with user consent.
16.2. Users are responsible for safeguarding passwords.

17. Integration with other services
17.1. Pertento AI can access and use data from integrated services.

18. General
18.1. Governed by Swedish law and international copyright laws.
18.2. Swedish courts have jurisdiction over disputes.
18.3. Consumer rights protected under applicable laws.1
8.4. Trademarks, license cancellation, and revision of terms.
18.5. Agreement may be concluded in English, with Swedish version prevailing in case of conflicts.

Please note that this is a complex legal document. Ensure you understand its implications before agreeing to it. Consult legal counsel if needed.